Are oil cartridges reusable and refillable?

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Are oil cartridges reusable and refillable?


The answer is less straightforward than you might think. Manufacturers say NO, but many users say YES. 


The Lowdown:


While it may be tempting to get as many uses as possible out of your cartridge, overuse can negatively affect your vaping experience in the form of undesirable or burnt flavors — yuck! 


Each oil cartridge manufacturer has their own recommendations when it comes to refilling cartridges and most recommend you do not refilling your cartridge at all. 


While we recommend following the manufacturer’s directives, we understand that some people like to bend the rules from time to time. As such, we frequently hear from customers who refill and reuse their cartridges successfully. Many users report they are able to stretch 3-5 refills out of their oil cartridges.


Use should always cease use if there is any sign of compromise in the flavor or vapor production.





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