Jupiter vs. CCell — what’s the difference?

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Jupiter vs. CCELL


Is CCELL the same as Jupiter? Or is Jupiter the same as CCELL? Does CCELL own Jupiter? Is Jupiter a brand of CCELL? More confused now than you were before? We are here to help set the record straight.


Jupiter Research is a wholesale distributor for CCELL


What does that actually mean? A manufacturing company called, Shenzhen SMOORE Technology Limited, previously in the e-cig sector of vapes, developed a brand of cannabis oil vape hardware called CCELL. Their patented ceramic coil technology revolutionized vapes for the cannabis industry by replacing the standard wick with a porous ceramic atomizer that is surrounded by a thin layer of cotton for optimal absorption. This unique ceramic atomizer tech allows for a more even heat distribution and therefore, a more pure flavor profile and larger puff output.



Once developed, CCELL needed companies to distribute their products in the US, originally signing distribution agreements with four companies, the second company being Jupiter Research. Jupiter then took the approach of developing a strong marketing campaign around their “Jupiter” branding which led to their name being synonymous with the most trusted and tested vape hardware in the industry, CCELL.


It’s important to note, that whether you buy a “Jupiter” CCELL or a standard “CCELL” sold by one of the other three authorized distributors, you are getting the exact same spectacular technology. The other authorized CCELL distributors are 3WIN, Kush Supply Co, and CannaBrand Solutions — all of whom have agreements with SMOORE to wholesale authentic CCELL vaporizers. 


You pay a premium for CCELL because they are the most trusted and well-known brand in the industry. So, how can you tell if you’re paying for the real deal? This is a really important question. There are a few layers of authentication. Start by flipping your cartridge over and looking at the bottom; you should see the “CCELL” logo engraved along with the product lot number.


Also on the bottom, there will be one of the authorized distributor names engraved (“Jupiter”, “Kush”, “CannaBrands”, or “3WIN”). Lastly, two of the four distributors (3WIN and CannaBrands) engrave “CCELL” on to the bottom metal collar of the cartridge for added authenticity. If you’re still uneasy about where your cartridge came from, feel free to email CCELL the lot number from the bottom of the cartridge and they will authenticate it for you, [email protected]


And now you know! Jupiter is a wholesale distributor for CCELL.


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