What is 510 Thread?

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What is 510 Thread?

“510 thread” or “510 threading” is a broadly used term to describe various vape pen parts, but what does it mean?

The Details:

An internet search of the term will provide conflicting answers with a small amount of controversy. Some believe the numbers “510” to be related to measurements or the number of threads on the connective areas of the vape. These are common misconceptions.

The truth is, it is a non-technical term coined by an early stage e-cigarette company that became a common term among the vape industry.

The Answer:

510 thread is the universal thread type between all vape batteries and their attachments. In other words, it’s the standard fitting between vape, cartridge, and in many cases, the charging port. If you have specific questions about compatibility, please contact [email protected].

If you’d like to view examples of 510 thread vape parts, feel free to check out these 510 thread batteries and 510 thread cartridges.


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