Texas Vaping Laws

, Texas Vaping Laws

Although some states place vaping in the same legal category as cigarette smoking, that’s not the case in Texas. State of Texas vaping laws focus on limiting access to vaporizers and related products to minors.

What Are the Regulations for Texas Vape Sales?

Vaping liquid must be sold in child-resistant packaging. An exception exists for cartridges that are prefilled and sealed by the manufacturer and not intended for consumer use. Vending machines cannot sell vapes and vape products unless they are located in a bar or another area that is restricted to minors.

What Is the Age for Vaping in Texas? 

Vaporizers, including liquid, oil and dry herb vapes, cannot be sold to those younger than 18. However, a minor can possess and use these items provided that this occurs in the presence of a parent or guardian.

Minors who are found in possession of vapes and vape products must either do community service or attend an E-Cigarette and Tobacco Awareness Program. Those who not do so may receive a driver’s license suspension and/or a fine of up to $250.

Where Can I Vape in Texas? 

Using a vaporizers is restricted in certain areas according to Texas vaping regulations. Vaping is only allowed in designated areas at schools, enclosed theaters, libraries, museums and hospitals and in certain elevators, buses, planes and trains.

Students cannot use or possess vapes at a school or school-sanctioned event. In state correctional facilities, vapes are allowed only in designated outdoor areas. Vape use is prohibited in child care centers, residential child care facilities, vehicles transporting children and indoors at foster homes.

Some Texas cities have established their own vaping laws. For example, new Austin Texas vaping laws passed in November 2018 treat vapes as cigarettes and prohibit their use in restaurants, bars and parks.

A retail license is not required to sell vapes and vape products in Texas. State residents can also shop for products such as Airistech vapes from reputable online retailers.

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