New York Vaping Laws and Regulations

, New York Vaping Laws and Regulations

New York Vaping Laws prohibit use of vaporizers wherever smoking cigarettes is banned. This means you cannot vape in enclosed workspaces, including bars and restaurants. The state law defines a vape as “an electronic device that delivers vapor which is inhaled by an individual user, and shall include any refill, cartridge and any other component of such a device.”

What Are the Laws for Vape Sales in New York?

Vape liquid must be sold in a child-resistant package. Only adults-only locations, such as tobacco shops, can sell vapes and vape liquids in a self-service display. Other locations must keep these products behind the counter. Vending machine sales are only permitted in tobacco shops, bars and private clubs.

Although the state proposed a ban on the sale of flavored vape liquids in November 2018, the ruling on this measure is pending. This law is designed to make these products less attractive to minors.

What Is the Vaping Age in New York?

As with cigarettes, the New York vaping ageis 18. However, some cities have raised the age to purchase or possess vapes and accessories to 21. This includes New York City and the entirety of Suffolk County.

Where Can I Vape in New York?

In addition to enclosed workplaces, vaping laws in New York prohibit use of wax, oil and dry herb vapes on mass transit, most school and hospital grounds, most playgrounds and railroad stations and in hospitals, schools and dormitories.

Vaping is not allowed anywhere on the property of Syracuse Regional Airport, Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority or Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

Some cities have established exceptions to the state ban on vaping in enclosed workplaces. This includes Cattaraugus County and Lynbrook, where vaping is only banned in restaurants and bars but allowed in other places of business.

New York residents are permitted to purchase Jupiter vapes and other models online. Look for vaporizers and accessories from reputable internet retailers.

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