5 Reasons To Stop Sharing Vapes & Buy Your Own

, 5 Reasons To Stop Sharing Vapes & Buy Your Own

Many people are fine with sharing vapes. Others are aware of the dangers of sharing vapes, and you should seriously consider getting your own if you have not already. Sharing a CCell dart oil vape pen, a dry herb vape, or a wax vape is not only detrimental to the vape experience itself but to your health. Here are some reasons why you should buy your own vape as soon as possible.

  1. You Could Get Someone Else’s Germs

Ultimately, you do not know where someone else’s mouth has been. Many germs spread through the mouth, so sharing your vapecould result in the spread of the flu, strep throat and Herpes Simplex Virus 1

  1. You Could Spread Disease

Additionally, you need to be aware if you are sick. When you feel sick, you do not want to share anything with the people around you. You would not share a water bottle when you are sick, so do not share vape pens.

  1. You Could Damage the Vaporizer 

Every vaporizer is different. When you use someone else’s vape pen, you may use it wrongly and damage the coils. This can create resentment in the friendship if your friend now has to go out to buy new coils.

  1. Your Friends Spend More Money 

Another way resentment can grow is that vape juice can be expensive. If you are constantly using your friends’ vapes, then they have to buy more juice. Over time, they may suggest you buy your own or at least chip in to buy more.

  1. You Miss Out on the Flavors You Want

You may be turned off of vaping because you are using other people’s favorite flavors. Instead, you should invest in your own so that your vaping experience is completely personalized.

You can find vape pens and 510 thread parts from an online vape parts shop. You can easily purchase all the items you need to vape effectively, so you never have to take a hit of someone else’s vaporizer.

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