XMax Brand vaporizers including the V3 Pro, Starry, Qomo, and V-One Plus

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A bit about XMAX (& why we like them)

With nearly a decade of experience in manufacturing, XMax makes some of the world’s most affordable yet high quality vape equipment with models for use with flower or wax.

The majority of vape manufacturers use a business model that for a lack of better explanation… pump out way too much stuff so they get a lot of attention with new product launches, but eventually savvy users notice a lack in quality over time. Fortunately, XMax makes products that are properly R&D’d so they can be available in the marketplace for years rather than months.

That’s not to say XMax is perfect. Vapes are complex electronic devices that by their nature can have defects, but they are rare with XMax and that’s why it’s important to do your research and buy from a trusted vender who loves taking care of customers (like 😉)

Overall, we appreciate XMax for bringing quality devices to market and letting us share the good news with our customers. Take if from James, a VPM customer regarding his experience with XMax products:  “X-max products stand out. The fact that they use quality materials to start with is one of the things that first drew me to their products. They don’t feel like a toy in your hand.”


A rundown of the XMax devices we carry + why we carry them

– The V-One Plus fills the need for a portable wax pen. It’s pocketable, easy to use, reliable, and flavor is superb.

– The Qomo eRig is also for use with waxy concentrates and it sets itself apart as compared to eRrigs 4x its price. XMax managed to make it tiny and reliable yet not hard on the wallet like other eRigs.

– The Starry Dry Herb vaporizer has been around for many years now so it tried and true and for under $100 is a total bargain.

– The new V3 Pro Dry Herb vaporizer is a highly portable and fully convection device, meaning the heat flows through the herb upon inhalation making for an efficient (and tasty) experience.

For more in-depth information on each product, please see each product’s listing.


To learn more about XMax products, here’s a link to the manufacturer’s website. If you have any questions about XMax products, please get in touch with us via our contact page. Thank you for allowing VPM to serve you, we appreciate you greatly.