Yocan Flick Oil Cartridge
Yocan flick oil cartridge selected.
Yocan flick oil cartridge laying down
Yocan Flick Oil coil replacement disassembled.
Yocan Flick oil tank cartridge in plastic tube.
Close up of the Yocan Flick oil cartridge.
Yocan Flick Vape oil tank standing up.
Yocan Flick Oil Cartridge


Yocan Flick Oil Cartridge Replacement

Yocan Flick oil cartridge replacement

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Yocan Flick Oil Cartridge

The Yocan Flick oil cartridge replacement is now available for sale from Vape Parts Mart.  If you have broken your old atomizer this is the part that you need to order.  This part is an authentic official part sold by Yocan.  It will work 100% perfectly with your Yocan Flick vaporizer.

How to Install the Yocan Flick oil cartridge

You will be amazed at just how easy it is to install the oil cartridge in the Flick.  They use a cool magnetic piece on this vaporizer to allow for an easy connection with the atomizer. Line the oil cartridge up perfectly with the slot it will “jump” right into place because of the internal magnets.

Removing the Yocan Flick oil cartridge is just as easy as installing it.  First off you should try to get a good grip on the top portion of the coil.  Use your thumb and forefinger to grasp it.  Please make sure that you have not used the atomizer in at least 10 minutes, it could be hot.  You should always exercise caution around anything that heats up to such high temperatures.

To fill the Yocan Flick oil cartridge you have to first remove the mouthpiece.  The top portion of the atomizer doubles as the mouthpiece. Its easy to remove the mouthpiece.  All you have to do is unscrew it.  Simply turn the mouthpiece counter clockwise and it will loosen.  When you reinstall the mouthpiece on the atomizer assembly be careful that you don’t cross thread it.

The Yocan Flick oil cartridge shares the magnetic connector with the Yocan Flick wax coil. You absolutely must remove the magnetic connector when you are switching from the coil to the atomizer or vise versa.  If this is the part that you need you can buy the Yocan Flick oil cartridge from Vape Parts Mart now.

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