XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig Front
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig Packaging
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig top coil glass mouthpiece view
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig top angle view
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig size reference
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig side angle view
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig light on
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig all parts
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig angle view
XMAX TUNKE Stretchable Water Tank E Rig Front


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XMax Tunke Water Dab Rig


The XMax Tunke is an electric dab rig that provides user flexibility with its expandable water tank and mouthpiece. This allows the XMax Tunke E-Rig to be extremely portable for busy dabbers on the go. Features include:

  • Stretchable glass mouthpiece and water tank
  • Two modes: On-demand and Session mode
  • Quartz heating cup atomizer with rotating cap
  • 100% isolated and expandable air path
  • Built-in 650mAh rechargeable vape battery
  • Real-time temperature control between: 500°F, 554°F, 608°F, 662°F, 716°F
used for: wax

XMax Tunke Stretchable Water Tank Dab Rig

Introducing another highly innovative e-rig vape battery “Tunke” from the trusted brand XMax, also known as XVape. What makes this portable XMax Tunke E-rig so unique, is its stretchable water tank and mouthpiece. The freedom to change the size of your XMax Tunke by expanding and collapsing the device makes it easier to carry the e-rig around in your pocket or your purse. The Tunke is also equipped with haptic feedback and an auto-off function.

With five temperature settings, your XMax Tunke is consistent in keeping user customization in mind. To enjoy pure flavor, set your Tunke to a low temperature and if you wish for big potent clouds, set your wax vape to the highest temperature setting. The real-time precise temperature control technology allows you to rip your XMax Tunke as hard as you want and still keep a consistent flavor with potent clouds. With its budget-friendly price point, this XMax Tunke sure does carry a lot of features. Additionally, Tunke being fairly easy and straightforward to use, makes this e-rig perfect for those looking for beginner-friendly vaporizers.


What’s in the XMax Tunke box:

  • Tunke Vaporizer
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Packing tool
  • 2 o-rings
  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • 3 cotton swabs
  • XMax Tunke user manual


How to use your XMax Tunke

Charge your device fully before use with the Type-C charging cable provided in the box. Once the device is fully charged the LED light indicator will be on solid Red = 10%-40%, White = 40%-70%, Green = 70%-100%.

Fill the water tank until just above the “Tunke” logo. Make sure you are not overfilling it, as it might cause damage to your battery.

Load by rotating the zinc alloy cap open. To keep your coil mess-free please use a loading tool to place a small amount of concentrate.

Turn on your XMax Tunke by rapidly clicking the power button five times. Once on the LED will flash green three times and stay on the corresponding temperature color.

Temperature can be set by clicking the power button rapidly three times. There are five temperature settings indicated with LED lights: White = 500°F, Green = 554°F, Blue = 608°F, Purple = 662°F, Red = 716°F.

Enjoy your XMax Tunke in two different ways!

Session mode: Click the power button rapidly twice for preheating and you can enjoy a 15-second session. You can always increase the session time by another 15 seconds once you click the button twice. During the session mode, you do not need to hold the button when inhaling.

On-demand mode: To use the on-demand mode just hold the button to inhale and enjoy. As a safety measure, your device will turn off if not used for five minutes.

Clean your vaporizer after every use to increase your device’s longevity. To get more details on how to care for your device you can check out the XMax Tunke user manual.

Product: XMax Tunke Water Dab Rig

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  1. JD

    Went camping with my XMax Tunke Water Dab Rig and it was so easy to use, great water tank!

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