Linx Blaze Wax Pen

Linx Blaze Wax Vape Pen

  • Includes Ceramic Plate Atomizer and Glass Embedded Coil Atomizer

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Linx Blaze Wax Pen

The Linx Blaze extract pen boasts both an industry first in-laid heating full quartz atomizer and an extra large recessed ceramic plate atomizer for superior life span, unrivaled vapor production and incredible flavor.

Larger Atomizers: Get larger clouds and increased flavor all while using less of your material.

Upgraded Airflow Holes:Draw with satisfaction with this upgraded design that minimizes leaks and clogging.

Four Temps:  Control the temperature, toggle between 4 heat temps and enjoy vaping your way.

Zero Toxins:  No plastics, fibers or paints! The vapor path is clean and completely free of toxins.

Cost Efficient:  Our atomizers average a life span of triple that of the competition and conserve your material.


Atomizer: One coil-less quartz Ace Atomizer and one ceramic plate Zero Atomizer.

Battery: Lithium-ion battery recharges in 2 – 3 hours via USB. 900 mAH.

Heating Element: Patent-pending inlaid heating element in the Ace Atomizer delivers superior life span while the Zero atomizer heats up instantly and delivers massive flavor.

Material: Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components: Ceramic plate or quartz, stainless steel and signature glass mouthpiece.

Dimension: 9 mm (Diameter) x 105 mm (Length)

Weight: 76g with Ace atomizer attached; 72g with Zero atomizer attached.

Voltage:Input: 5v


1. Plus USB charger into Blaze battery and connect to a viable USB power outlet.

2. The power indicator on the battery will glow red while charging and turns off when fully charged.


1. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the atomizer.

2. Fill the atomizer with your preferred concentrate. For best results use an amount no larger than the size of a grain of rice.

3. Inhale while holding the power button.

Temp Settings:

Press power button three times quickly to toggle between the four temperature settings.

Blue: Low

Green: Medium

Yellow: Medium High

Red: High

On / Off

Press power button five times quickly to turn the device on and off. The light indicator will blink white 5 times. When the LED light above the power button blinks white 98 times it is time to recharge the device. Fully charge the battery before your next use.

If the power button is held down for fifteen seconds the battery will enter standby mode. This is signified by the light indicator blinking white 10 times.

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