Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge
Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge inside view
Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge .5ml and 1ml
Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge White and Black
Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge

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Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge

The Jupiter L6 Glass Oil Cartridge (Refillable) features a ceramic mouthpiece, stainless steel atomizer housing, ceramic atomizer, and borosilicate glass tank.

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Jupiter Liquid 6 (L6) Glass Oil Cartridge

Refillable Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge from Jupiter Research.  Available in three sizes; 1ml, .5ml, and .3ml.  Vape parts mart offers two different mouthpiece options including white ceramic and black ceramic.   Jupiter L6 Cartridge have the same CCell technology inside as found in the CCell Th2 or M6t cartridges.

Both CCell and Jupiter are made by the same manufacturer Smoore and you can expect the same exceptional quality with both brands.


Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge

  • New CCELL technology inside the L6’s Reactor™, specifically designed for high viscosity oils
  • Open top-fill for ease of use filling with your premium extracts
  • Industry first porcelain ceramic mouthpiece
  • 510 threaded connection allows for universal compatibility*
  • Precision manufactured with top of the line materials
  • .3ML, .5ML & 1.0ML reservoir volumes available**
  • Customization/branding available


Liquid 6, Glass Cartridge Filling Instructions

Failure to follow these instructions may result in cartridge leakage of poor performance.

Jupiter Liquid 6, Glass Cartridges are top-fill cartridges available in both 0.5 and 1.0 ml versions. The two versions differ only in the length of the reservoir. If you are unsure which version you have, measure the length without the mouthpiece. Refer to the drawing on page 1 to determine where to measure and which cartridge you have.

Multiple mouthpiece styles are available. All screw on in the same manner.

Filling Instructions:

1. Insert a blunt tipped needle (14 ga. or smaller) into the space between the airway and the outer wall of the cartridge.  We suggest using our Luer Lock Syringe.

While the cartridge is oriented vertically with the threaded connector downward, fill the cartridge through the needle. Do not overfill.

Caution: Do not allow fluid to enter the airway (center tube).

2. Immediately after filling, install the mouthpiece and twist clockwise to tighten. Do not overtighten, the mouthpiece is installed correctly when the seal on the bottom of the mouthpiece is seated inside the glass housing.

Caution: Failure to install the mouthpiece within 2 minutes of filling may result in leakage.

3. Cartridges should be allowed to stand for at least 30 minutes before use. During this time, fluid is priming the atomizer. The rate that the atomizer saturates is dependent upon the viscosity of the fluid. More viscous fluids may require more time.

Jupiter L6 Battery Choices

Since the Jupiter Liquid 6 Glass Oil Cartridge uses standard 510 threading you can use virtually any vape battery.  Jupiter suggests using their L6 Battery or their Jupiter Palm battery.  Both batteries are excellent choices and you can’t go wrong with either one.  L9 cartridges are 10.5 mm wide in diameter and are unable to fit in batteries such as the Yocan Flick.  If you are using a box style battery we suggest double checking the diameter to ensure they fit properly.

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