PCKT One Plus Battery
PCKT One Plus Battery
PCKT One Plus Battery
PCKT One Plus Battery
PCKT One Plus Battery
PCKT One Plus Battery


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PCKT One Plus Battery


The PCKT One Plus oil cartridge battery has set a new industry standard for quality, versatility, and reliability. The battery is compatible with all oil cartridges including CCell Cartridges.

  • Unique Inhale Activation OR Button Activation
  • 5 Click On/Off Safety feature
  • Variable Voltage (3 power modes)
  • Dual Li-ion Batteries (660mAh total)
  • Machined from Solid Block
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • SPRK Cartridge optional add-on

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PCKT One Plus Oil Cartridge Battery

Package Contents: PCKT One Plus Battery, 1x small adapter, 1x tall adapter, USB Cable, Warranty Card, Manual and Optional SPRK Cartridge.

1 Year Warranty

One thing that makes PCKT truly unique is they stand behind their product 100%.  PCKT batteries include their 1 year warranty at no additional cost.

PCKT One Plus Power Settings

Proprietary RCKT chip allows you to use different style and ohm coils cartridges. The RCKT analyzes the ohm of the coil and adjust to the maximum power mode in 3 different settings. It also uses top and bottom airflow cartridges triggering either an air sensor or simple push of a button to use your preferred cartridge.

Power Setting 1: 3.7 Watts

Power Setting 2: 4.3 Watts

Power Setting 3: 5.1 Watts


The PCKT One Plus Battery

Built-in high capacity 660mah battery, with 3 practical power modes to suit your hardware needs. Pass-through charging and a 5-click on/off feature, allows for absolute function and safety when not in use. Unique magnetic adapters make any 51O cartridges ready in a snap. Works with cartridges 11.5mm diameter or smaller and works with top and bottom airflow cartridges.

With a 660Mah high capacity battery your PCKT Plus will with stand hours of use on a single charge. Also your PCKT Plus is able to tell you when you are getting low on battery with our smart chip.  Red Indicator light for 25%, Yellow light for 50%, and Green light at 100%


PCKT One Plus Cartridge Compatibility

The new PCKT One Plus Battery now features a wider 11.5 mm cartridge chamber to accommodate todays best cartridges.  510 threading makes it work perfectly with popular brands such as the CCell Th2, and Jupiter L6 Glass Cartridge.


PCKT One + Colors

The PCKT One Plus Battery features some of the most vibrant beautiful colors available.  All PCKT One Plus Batteries are a matte finish and are available in 7 different colors.  We stock all 7 colors; Charcoal (Dark Gray), Rustic (Orange Rust), Royalty (Purple), Pacific (Blue), Midnight (Black), Crimson (Red), avalanche (Silver).


CNC Machining. Built from Solid Block.

Product: PCKT One Plus Battery

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