Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher
Astro Stik by iKrusher


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Astro Stik by iKrusher

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iKrusher has re-named their “Xen” to “Astro Stik”. The device is still small but mighty, and now features upgrades including button activation, pre-heat, and variable voltage power modes. The Astro Stik features:

  • Button activation, press while inhaling
  • Five click on/off
  • Three clicks to change voltage
  • Voltage settings (2.8V, 3.3V, and 3.8V)
  • Two clicks to pre-heat
  • Pod connects to battery magnetically
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh

This listing includes the Astro Stik battery, a 1.0ml Astro Pod, and charger.

used for: oil

iKrusher Astro Stik Xen Pod Vape Pen

The Astro Stik Pod Vape pen (formerly known as “Xen”) from iKrusher is one of the best pod-style vaporizer pens available. It is lightweight, discreet, uses button activation and has a haptic feedback feature, which will give you a small pulse when your pod has been inserted. It will also pulse again at the end of a complete hit.  The vibrations add a nice touch for those on the move, and the battery is lightweight and portable for any occasion.

The flavor from the Astro Stik pen is one of the best available for pod-style vaporizer batteries. The key is the iKONIC coil technology and the voltage setting on the battery. The voltage on the Astro is adjustable (2.8V, 3.3V, and 3.8V) so you can adjust to match your preferences and the consistency of your oil. Thanks to the technology of this device, you can expect a smooth and flavorful hit with this vaporizer. 

The Astro Battery is designed for specific use only with the Astro Stik Pod. The Astro Stik Pod cartridge is a one-time use pod with vertical ceramic rod coils, and a tank capacity of 1ml. These pods have 2 intake holes at 1.8mm each, with a resistance of 1.5ohm. This allows your pod to last longer without burning through your oil, and is the secret to the premium flavor you get while using the Astro Stix (Xen). 

The Astro Stik Vape Pod Pen kit includes the Astro battery, a 1.0ml Astro Pod, and USB-C Charger.

  • Dimensions: 112mmx17mmx9mm
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh
  • Adjustable Voltage (2.8V, 3.3V, and 3.8V)

Product: Astro Stik by iKrusher

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  1. 5 out of 5 5 1

    Had this for a week now. I'm an hvac guy in Florida and I need something discreet while I'm at work or having dinner in public. I 100% love the hits I get off this pod system, and the haptic feedback when ur rip is over is everyone's favorite part. The battery life could be improved to like an 800 or 1000mh battery because this one on the medium heat setting gets me a solid 15-20 rips before it's dead. Only has a 300mh battery. I tried a few of the "top" oil carts here and this one is by far my favorite.

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