Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods
Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods
Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods
Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods
Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods Bottom View
Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods
Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods


Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods

Choose from the Airis Oil or Wax Pods.

Compatible with the Airis MW Vaporizer




Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods

Pod style vape cartridges are gaining popularity in the Vaporizer industry.  The Airis MW Oil & Wax Pods are genuine OEM aristech replacement pods for he Airis MW Vaporizer.  Pod vaporizers are extremely portable and very easy to use.


Airis MW Oil Pod

Oil pods are very similar to standard oil filled vape cartridges.  Both units have an oil chamber, atomizer, mouthpiece, and battery attachment.  The main difference is with the battery attachment.  Oil pods snap into the battery rather than thread on like traditional vape pens.  The advantage to this is the quickness of changing pods.  Airis has created both oil and wax pods so must users change between the two often.

There is .5ml of storage capacity for your favorite oil.  Once the mouthpiece snaps on it creates an airtight leak proof cartridge.

All cartridges wont last forever as the atomizer inside that heats the oil to produce the vapor will burn out.  It is always recommended to have a spare pod laying around.  To fill the cartridge we suggest using our 14 gauge lure lock syringe.


Airis MW Wax Pod

The Airis MW wax pod by Aristech is similar in design to the oil pod.  There is a mouthpiece, coil, battery connector, and a wax chamber.  When the pod is plugged into the battery, simply turn on your MW by quickly pressing the power button 5 times.  Place your wax concentrate in the wax chamber.  Press the power button to send power to the coil.  The coil will vaporize your wax and produce vapor.

The coils will burn over time so it is important to keep your coils as clean as possible to prolong their life span.  We highly suggest using a wax dab tool to place your wax down on the coils near the bottom of the pod.


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