Mr. Bald 3 510 Rig Glass Coil
Mr. Bald 3 510 Rig Glass Coil


Mr. Bald 3 510 Rig Glass Coil Replacement

Glass bowl, dual coil.
Authentic Directly from Longmada

Compatible with both the Longmada Mr. Bald 3 and Longmada E-Rig.

Ceramic Coil version is also available.

Coming Soon




Longmada Mr. Bald 3 510 Rig Glass Coil replacement.

Mr. Bald 3 510 Rig Glass Coil replacements are available from Vape Parts Mart.

The glass coil is a little different than most other coils out there. This coil uses a glass bowl to hold your concentrate. The actual heating element part of the coil is directly below the concentrate glass bowl.

Our customers are loving this new style of Mr. Bald 3 510 Glass Coil for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, they love that it is a 510 tread coil.  This means that it is not only compatible with the Longmada Mr Bald 3 but also with every other 510 thread vape body or battery!  This comes in really handy if you ever forget to charge your vape.

The Mr. Bald 3 510 Rig Glass Coil is typically used in pair with the glass mouthpiece or atomizer.  This coil is basically a part of that particular item.

It is really easy to change out the coil if you ever need to. You simply take off the top mouthpiece from the atomizer assembly first.  Then you unscrew the Mr. Bald 3 510 Rig Glass Coil.  The new coil replacement goes in the same way.  Screw it in and then replace the glass mouthpiece over the atomizer base.

Using the Mr. Bald 3 510 Rig Glass Coil

Longmada says that this coil can be used for both wax and dry herb.  In our experience it works for both substances but is probably better suited to work with wax concentrate substances.  No matter what you like to vape you will surely enjoy using the Mr Bald 3 vape.

If you are in the need for other Longmada vaporizers and their parts, head on over to our official Longmada Vape Parts page.  You will find parts for the Mr Bald 3 and pretty much all other vapes made by Longmada.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for clarifications.

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