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Linx Vapes

Want to know you’re in good hands when you buy a vaporizer? Of course! That’s why Linx makes it a priority to create products that don’t compromise on safety or quality. They use medical-grade stainless steel, glass mouthpieces, and ceramic or quartz heating chambers to provide the healthiest, purest experience possible. 

Linx knows that heavy metals in vape cartridges are a real concern for customers. On their website, Linx explains, “By eliminating or minimizing heavy metals and the use of fibers, plastics or paints in the vapor path throughout our entire vaporizer line, Linx takes your health very seriously.”

Their dedication to top-quality engineering makes Linx a celebrated name in the vape community. Linx’s award-winning vaporizers are among the best portable vapes in the industry. is happy to provide these great products we love from a company we trust. 

Safe, Sleek, Streamlined

Linx is a versatile brand that produces vapes for a variety of users. Linx has a diverse selection of products, but they all share important benefits that elevate Linx vapes to another level:

  • Safety guaranteed: All Linx vapes have been found 100% compliant through tough heavy metal testing.
  • Versatile designs: Stellar options for extract, oil, or dry herb vaping, as well as a variety of styles, like the palm-style Linx Gaia Herbal Vaporizer for quick-loading and powerful on-the-go vaping, or the pen-style Linx Hermes 3 Oil Vaporizer for ultra-portability and discretion.
  • Fresh, sleek style: Stainless steel finishes and streamlined design make Linx vapes attractive and durable.
  • Easy to use: For further safety and control, Linx vapes feature a button that’s always simple to use for activation, or for temperature selection in some designs.
  • Minimal reclaim: Uniquely designed to effectively vaporize your chosen material, leaving little to zero waste.
  • Low maintenance: No exposed coil makes for safe and easy filling and cleaning, and increases atomizer lifespan. proudly offers full Linx Vape Kits that have everything you need to get started, and Linx Vape Parts for those who are looking to refresh or expand their Linx vape collection. 

We are confident you’ll find what you’re looking for with Linx vapes, but if you need assistance or more information, VPM is eager to help. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, so feel free to contact us for whatever you need; your happiness is our guarantee!