DynaVap B shown in all four colors; black, pink, green, and blue
DynaVap B shown in all four colors; black, pink, green, and blue


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DynaVap B


Introducing the brand new DynaVap B vaporizer for dry herb. This is DynaVap’s much anticipated entry-level, hip and fun electronics-free vape. It’s a flower vape that is compact and colorful. VPM has the Dynavap B for sale online. You can buy it for just $48.95. Check out some of the key features below.

  • Food-Grade Stem Mouthpiece Made From Silicone
  • Stainless Steel Tip
  • Capacity is Large Enough for a Half Bowl of Herb
  • Tapered Mouthpiece for Added Comfort
  • Can be Used With or Without Glass Piece
  • No O-Ring Required
  • Designed to Stay Put and Not Roll off Surfaces
  • Adjustable Airflow Settings
  • Compatible with All Dynavap Accessories
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DynaVap B Vaporizer


Game-Changing Vaporizer from DynaVap

With the introduction of the moderately priced DynaVap B, DynaVap has changed the game. Prior to the addition of the B to the lineup, DynaVap’s least expensive herb vaporizer was the original DynaVap M. By pricing a quality induction vaporizer at only $49.99. Many of the people who were sent a demo unit feel that the new, less expensive B fills a gap in the market and provides nearly the same experience as the original. 

DynaVap B Components

The DynaVap B is a relatively simple device. There are five main parts that make up the B. First, you have the stainless steel cap, which is potentially the most important component. The DynaVap Stainless Steel Cap is the part on a DynaVap that makes the click indicating the proper temperature has been reached. The next part is called the tip. The tip is where you place your herb and cover with the steel cap. It also holds the condenser in place. The DynaVap B Condenser removes heat from the vapor to cool it and acts as the vapor pathway. The fourth part is the CCD. The CCD (short for Circumferential Compression Diffuser) is basically the screen. The last part is the stem. The stem is where you place your mouth to inhale.

Single-Fin Stainless Steel Tip

If you are already familiar with the DynaVap lineup of products, you will immediately notice one big difference between the all-new B and the older models like the OmniVap Titanium. The DynaVap B has only one fin on the tip. In previous models, up to seven fins were present. Many find the look to be refreshing, but others are concerned that the cooling effect will not be as optimal as a DynaVap with 3-5 fins. Ultimately time will tell how the market reacts to the single-fin design. 

Single Size Bowl

One of the most raved-about features on the DynaVap B is its single-serving bowl size. On a traditional DynaVap, like the DynaVap M, you can use the CCD to adjust the size of the bowl. Many people were constantly having to adjust the size of the bowl down, so having a bowl that has half the capacity is a big draw. 

How to use the DynaVap B

Using the Dyna Vap B is very similar to using the other DynaVap vapes – but even more simple. The first step is to load the tip with your favorite herb. Most experts agree that it’s best to avoid grinding your herb too finely. Many people even advocate for loading it completely ungrinded. After loading the tip, you need to place the captive cap over the tip. Once the cap has been installed, it’s time to heat it up. You can use any heat source, including a lighter. Many diehards prefer a butane torch or an inductive heating unit like the iSpire Wand. Whatever you choose to heat your DynaVap B with, just make sure to only get the flame on the side of the cap, not the end. You are going to want to keep the heat constant and evenly distributed. Continue heating the sides of the stainless steel captive cap until you hear a distinct click. That click is the indicator that the DynaVap B has been properly heated and is ready for you to take a hit. Inhale like you would any other vapor device and enjoy. You will likely be able to take a few puffs, depending on how big of a hit you prefer. The most important thing to remember is not to touch the cap or try to take it off until it has cooled down. 

Compatible with all DynaVap Products

The DynaVap B comes with an o-ringless design made to connect seamlessly with the silicon stem. But, just because it comes standard for use without an O-ring doesn’t mean that it has limited compatibilities. DynaVap really thought ahead with this one and included the capability to add two of their high-temperature silicone O-rings to the tip. If you add the additional o-rings, your tip magically becomes compatible with all of the DynaVap stems, including the DynaVap M, OmniVap, and the DynaVap Omnivong. Speaking of compatibility, they also designed the stamp to fit perfectly into a 10mm female glass stem allowing you to use your DynaVap B with most bong and rig setups. As you can see, the DynaVap B is a very affordable multi-use herbal vaporizer that is sure to make anyone a proud owner. 

You can find the DynaVap for sale on VPM.com now. Our shipping team is standing by, ready to package up and ship your new DynaVap B purchase. We would be honored to have you as a customer and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Product: DynaVap B

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