Cover your cannabis oil cartridge and hide in plain sight with the best incognito cart batteries for 510 thread oil cartridges up to 2 Grams.

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Designed to hold and hide oil carts up to 2G—like our VPM 2G Oil Cart. These compact 510 cart batteries ensure you can easily enjoy your oil vape anywhere. The incognito design blends seamlessly into your lifestyle, providing a stealthy option for your cannabis oil cartridge needs. Whether you want ganja on the go or want hits at home, the incognito vape cart battery design allows you to vape discreetly without attracting attention. Keep perfectly protected oil carts in your pocket or palm so you’re always prepared for a subtle sesh. Powerful and reliable cart batteries guarantee a smooth and consistent performance, ensuring your oil cartridge delivers optimal flavor every time. With an incognito vape cart battery you can enjoy the benefits and blends of your oil cart without worrying about who’s watching.