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The Puffco Peak is an innovative self-contained water-cooled “concentrates” vaporizer that has gained considerable popularity with both newbies and veteran dabbers, and has helped advance the concentrates marketplace onto its modern evolution. It achieves its purpose of turning the previously complex array of process and equipment normally required for the proper vaping of concentrates, into an easily manageable self-contained appliance that is incredibly useful, convenient, potent, and fun.

used for: wax

About the Puffco Peak Vaporizer

Under the Hood

The Peak solves four problems of demand within the concentrates marketplace:

  1. Taste
    Taste-chasers often adore the Peak since it is so incredibly smooth and tasty and remains respectful to the source material itself. The glass reservoir and mouthpiece works much better than its small size would suggest. Contrary to common practice from folks who come from combustions, we recommend room temperature for the water. Regardless, potency is outstanding and those who also value efficiency should especially like this unit.
    As a negative in this department, without the right draw technique it is possible, to get water in your mouth, so such strong-lunged people definitely want to consider the optional splashguard that comes with the “Travel Kit” (which has other things some find useful).
  2. Convenience
    A great categorical description within the concentrates vaping space for the Peak would be, “cordless desktop.”   So easy to transport with such a small footprint.   It is also easy to use. One button is all you need (and all there is) to operate. It is great for room to room convenience, and general transport, but any attempt to categorize it as a “stealth/portable” is a stretch in our view.
    Prime negative here is one must remember to turn it off. There is no auto shutoff. Puffco apparently assumes most of its users want to keep it ready. Perhaps, but doing so does impact battery life negatively.
  3. Safety
    No need to use scary torches or navigate exposed electrical wires. The Peak is a dabbing appliance that automates the dangerous part of concentrates vaporization. It is non-threatening and rather cute in appearance, and easy to keep stored with a small footprint.
  4. Rich Third-Party Manufactures and Marketplace
    Lets me honest, one company can only do so much, and the Peak enjoys a rich marketplace of “open source” add-ons and accessories, some which cost more than the Peak itself.   For concentrates enthusiasts who want to push capabilities and put some extra “zoom” in their Peak, there are multiple and overgrowing options.

The Peak Travel Pack is a rather useful companion for the dabber on the move. For some, it is an essential item. It should be purchased specifically by color.
The pack includes:

  • Silicone Carb Cap Tether
    Never lose or forget your Cap again!
  • Silicone Backpack/Quiver
    Store small dab tools & cotton swabs right on the glass for convenient access.
  • Silicone Splash Cap & Mouthpiece
    Essential for the strong-lunged to keep water out of their mouth, and it also helps protect the mouthpiece area in the unfortunate event of a fall.
  • Silicone Atomizer Cover
    Esthetical device to keep the “theme” together.


The Peak Atomizer 

  • The Puffco Peak atomizer is a thermal “banger style” designed for optimal heat performance. It’s made without the use of any coils, glues, plastics, or fibers, with the oil only touching ceramic surfaces. The result is a pure consumption experience with a fantastic flavor profile. Each atomizer also comes with a brand new ceramic bowl that over time you can develop a collection. The entire atomizer disassembles for easy cleaning. But they are somewhat fragile.*note: the aftermarket Puffco Peak glass bowl is a new alternative to ceramic.
  • The fail-points of vapes are usually from their atomizers, and the Peak is no exception. You WILL eventually have an atomizer go out. It is something to be literally expected. We have customers who report never needing a replacement atomizer to those who need one once a month. So it is important to note that. We at Vape Parts Mart have been unable to put our finger on the phenomena with much precision, so we want our customers to note that there is no manufacturer’s warrantee from Puffco on Peak atomizers. Nevertheless, the normal high standards of Vape Parts Mart with respect to keeping our satisfied customers satisfied remains, as it always will.

Product: Puffco Peak

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