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Ernie of New York - "5 stars to you and your staff. I’m a happy customer, thank you again!'
 Dave of Ohio - "Thanks for the quick shipping on my order and all the help with explaining things."
 Lisa of California - "I just wanted to let you know how great your customer service is and your products."
 Mollie of Texas - "You've been more helpful than any of my local smoke guys are the best!"
 Mark of Iowa - "Expert, excellent, super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Please give this man a raise and promote him quickly as he sold me up and back down. Didn't try to upsell too much but also showed me better models and did it politely. five stars *****"


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14 Responses

  1. RG

    5 stars. I placed two seperate orders and a product from each order was defective (product issue). Vape Parts Mart handled it perfectly and had replacements shipped next day! Won our business and we will recommend to all our friends!

  2. Sam

    VPM is the best! Was looking for a fast and inexpensive way to get quality products and got it here. Customer service was also great – was accidentally sent the wrong color for a battery and contacted customer service. I was immediately sent the correct one, no questions asked. Great service and will shop here again.

  3. Sean

    Purchased something on a Saturday by accident and asked to have order cancelled. It shipped but the seller was cool and refunded me before I even shipped it back. I messaged about 20 times over 24 hours to get ahold of him, and on a Sunday they actually got back to me. I needed this money for my electricity bill so I was a bit worried and panicky. I didn’t even get that far before I was refunded, so thank you.

  4. Jack hupp

    Thank you VPM. Cheap prices and ultra fast shipping. I’ve told several of my friends to check you out. Thanks again

  5. Stephen C

    How can I reflect 5 stars???!

    I couldn’t find the specific vape pens that I wanted anywhere around Toronto, Ontario or even Canada for that matter because they were sold out everywhere. After finding VPM, I ordered 2 of them and I was surprised at how quickly the products arrived, given the COVID delays. Alec was always very quick to address my questions and concerns until I received my package and he really made the whole process super easy and hassle-free.

    I would definitely recommend VPM and will definitely buy from them again!

  6. BAD CUSTOMER CARE!! Like we don’t matter? I placed 2 orders and over $100 spent with them. One of the batteries stopped working after only two uses but since I didn’t find this out within the 30 days I’m stuck with the loss. So they would rather lose a customer for years over a little battery issue? I was told that the $12 waste was “not bad”. I explained how I used it only twice. I simply got busy during this whole crisis and didn’t test it enough within the 30 days. Two uses on a $12 battery… “not bad” they say. SHOP ELSEWHERE!!

  7. Our customers do matter to us. What you failed to mention here is that you purchased this battery 70 days before reaching out to us. We do not find it fair to replace a $12 battery 70 days after purchase.

  8. lylyn1796

    I placed an order not too long ago and the shipping was fast and efficient even through COVID. I received the wrong color by mistake, but that’s okay. We’re all human!! I reached out to customer service and they were able to resolve the problem within hours! Very happy.

  9. angels1282

    They have amazing customer service that answers back really fast. Delivery is taking a little bit long with covid but that is to be expected. Overall a good company to support by buying there stuff. If you read this entire thing ur a trooper.

  10. Pete

    Great customer service! They always reply within 24 hours, and overall they have great products. From quebec, Canada 👍🏼

  11. taylor

    my first but not my last experience ordering from VPM. customer service is great and they even sent free stickers which i am always a fan of. will buy from again!

  12. jane.rosely13

    I ordered a Vessel battery. 1) Cheaper through VPM than Vessel itself 2) Billing was simple with 0 issues 3) Received my purchase in less than a week & 4) All Vessel packaging & instructions were intact with shipment.

    VPM did excellent. Will order from them again if I need anything. Thank you.

  13. Riley McIlwaine

    This is my fourth (fifth?) time ordering through VPM, and I am deeply saddened to see them temporarily close up shop. I trust VPM and can expect my order to arrive correct, fair-priced, and on time which is why I continue to conduct business with them. I hope to see a swift return because I want to keep buying stuff from you, VPM!

  14. Bill

    Class Act Service Team that is second to none! 48 hours after order it was at my front door! Hats off to Scarlett for catching address error within 15 minutes after order! Justin was ultra professional in service as well. Buy from this company without hesitation or grief! AAA+ NONE BETTER IMHO!

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