Vape Parts Mart Multi-Pack Discounts

Vape Parts Mart Multi-Pack Discount Option

We noticed that you guys often buy in bulk. We thought it was time to reward you by passing the savings on to you.

How it works

  • Visit any product page
  • Click the drop down menu titled “Select Quantity”
  • Select quantity desired
  • Congratulations! If you ordered two or more units, you just received a discount!
  • The more you order, the greater the per unit discount you will receive

Why you’ll love it

We not only love to chat with you online, ship your package to you freakishly fast, and partner with you to make YouTube video reviews – we also like to pass on savings that you as a customer deserve.

This is why we created the Vape Parts Mart Multi-Pack Discount. On every item in the store you will see a drop down of quantities ranging from 1 to up to 100 units. So let’s say you want to order five units of something from your typical online retailer. If one unit of widget X costs $10, that means you’ll be paying $50 for five units.

Makes sense right? Think again! When you purchase two or more widgets from an online seller, the seller is making a killing on that second unit! In most cases, especially in the vape industry, it costs just pennies to ship that extra widget. Do you think that seller is passing on the saving to you? It’s highly unlikely they are rewarding you for buying multiples.

We think our multi-pack options will not only encourage you to buy more which makes us happy, but it will definitely help you save more which makes you happy!

– Vape Parts Mart Team


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2 Responses

  1. Vape Parts Mart

    We’re glad you like it Kitty and thank you for your continued loyalty!

  2. Kitty

    This is sooooooooooo awesome! Thank youuuu!!!

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