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Glass Parts

Shop our wide range of vaporizer glass parts to enhance your vaping experience. Glass parts are very popular because they’re non-reactive and improve the quality of the vapor. Here are the different types of glass attachments you can use and the benefits they bring to your vaporizer.

The Benefits of Glass

Glass mouthpieces are popular because the glass will cool hot vapor, allowing you to taste vapor better and more safely. Another glass part for vape accessorizing is a water pipe or water bubblier, which is a glass attachment that filters the vapor to make it smoother and more comfortable for your throat. For one in our stock, try the Xvape V One Glass Water Bubbler. Another accessory to consider is a glass screen. A screen is put in a vaporizer’s heating chamber to create a barrier between the coil and herbs in order to prevent combustion. Hot air then flows through the screen to heat the herbs and create the vapor. Vaporizers usually come with mesh screens, but glass screens are popular because they are even better at preventing combustion and are less likely to get clogged with leftover gunk from herbs. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Simply soak them in rubbing alcohol overnight, rinse with water and they’re good to go.

Another item we offer is glass blunts. Glass blunts are great for people who enjoy using pipes to smoke herbs or tobacco, but want a more sophisticated tool. You can reuse them and easily dispose of used herbs by twisting the corkscrew piece in the middle. Twist the corkscrew until the ashes fall out, and simply reheat the fresh herbs at the bottom for another hit.

Glass parts are great at cooling vapor while making it smooth and rich. And they’re not just for portable vaporizers; all glass parts are also available for desktop vaporizers. Shop our selection of glass parts to add to your vaporizer assembly.