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Dab Tools

Use these specifically designed dab tools to improve your dabbing experience. With the right tools, you can dab efficiently and without wasting any of the concentrate you are using to dab. Find the best tools on Vape Parts Mart to make dabbing easy and effective without breaking the bank.

Use Tools for Better Dabbing

This wax dab metal tool lets you place dabs with precision. Its metal points and scoop are perfect for scraping herb, wax or other concentrates and shaping them as needed. It measures 4.5 inches long and has one tool on each side, giving you options for collecting or moving your concentrate. It even comes with silicone sleeves for the pointed ends of the metal dab tool, to protect them from bending or causing damage when the tool is in storage. For a more economical option, we also offer a shorter, more portable metal tool that comes without the silicone sleeves. It also has a rounder scoop shape at the end than the other tool option.

Try One of Our Dab Tools Today

When it comes to dabbing, tools make all the difference. Take the time to purchase a dab tool and watch the difference it makes in terms of ease and making the most of your product. Since wax and other concentrate options are so potent, a little goes a long way. For example, the Luer Lock oil syringe is perfect for dispensing a small amount of oil, and the milliliter measurements marked on it let you know just how much you have used. The syringe is great for working with strong, expensive oils without wasting a drop, so you can avoid a messy and wasteful filling process. Use these tools to scoop and scrape containers and get more use out of your products. Vape Parts Mart guarantees fast shipping in discreet packaging, along with customer happiness. Contact us to get help from our expert staff.