Disposable all-in-one vape pens from trusted brand, CCell.

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The CCell Disposables are the best all-in-one empty disposable vapes on the market in 2024!


How to use CCell disposable vapes

The CCell Disposables will arrive empty and ready to be filled with your favorite oil concentrate. Simply fill, seal, and enjoy! Seal the mouthpiece within 1.5 minutes and wait at least 30 minutes for your oil to fully saturate the coil. The types of oil you can use are Distillate, Delta 8, Delta 9, Live Resin, Live Rosin, and Hash Rosin.


What makes CCell Disposables stand out?

The biggest reason we proudly suggest CCell Disposables as the best all-in-one vapes is due to their 100% HTE compatibility. This feature will deliver a true-to-plant experience from your terpene-rich flavor oils.


The ultimate clog-free experience

Thanks to its leading-edge dual air vent design you can now experience what anti-clogging truly means. Enjoy a smooth worry-free vaping with every hit.

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