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Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler Kit

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Use this device to grind and fill cones with flower. It is an all-in-one electric grinder and cone filler.  Easy to use and one of the fastest ways to create prerolls. Helps to reduce mess and waste when filling cones.

  • Complete Kit
  • 350mAh Internal Battery
  • Charge with Micro USB Cable
  • 1-Year Warranty from Pulsar
  • Universal Fit for Most Cone Sizes
  • Includes 3 Cone Storage Tubes
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Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler Kit

The Pulsar ECF Grinder and Cone Filler is the tool you have been waiting for. This great all-in-one grinder makes it easy to grind up flower and then fill cones. This device is super easy to use and really speeds things up. When you buy the Pulsar ECF, it comes in a kit with everything you need (except the herb).

What’s Inside the Pulsar Electric Grinder Box?

Each Pulsar grinder kit will come with a whole bunch of parts and accessories. The kit includes the electric grinder and everything you need to fill up and store your cones. A plastic cone filler attachment easily connects to the grinder after you have ground up all your herb and are ready to fill a cone.

Pulsar didn’t forget about storage when they built this kit. Each Pulsar grinder includes both a ground herb storage jar and three filled cone storage tubes. Use the included cone stand when you are ready to fill a cone (or more than one). The cone stand makes it super easy to keep your cones upright during filling.

Inside the box, you will also find a scoop tool and a cleaning brush. All of these great accessories come inside a nice carrying case. 

How to use the Pulsar ECF Grinder and Cone Filler

When you first purchase your Pulsar ECF, you will need to charge it before use. Use the included Micro USB (or one that you already have at home) to charge up the Pulsar for a few hours before you attempt to use it. Once it has been fully charged, click the button on the bottom of the electric grinder five times rapidly to turn it on.

Before grinding your herb, make sure to remove all the sticks and stems. Place your bud in the cap of the grinder. Don’t forget to use the included rubber plug to cap the top of the grinder, so your flower doesn’t fall out.

After putting a couple of nugs worth in the grinder top, carefully place the cap on the grinder and twist it to lock it close. The grinder will not turn on if the lid is not completely closed (safety feature). After installing the cap, you are now ready to start grinding.

To power on the grinder, you have two options. First, you can simply press and hold the button on the bottom of the Pulsar. The Pulsar ECF cone filler has an always-on mode; to activate this, click the power button twice rapidly. To turn off always-on mode, click the button once. 

Cone Sizes compatible with the Pulsar ECF

You can use any sized cone with your electronic cone filler, but some sizes are easier to load than others. As a general rule of thumb, for smaller-sized cones, you want to insert the cone into the filler tube, and for larger-sized cones, fit it over the outside of the filler tube.

For reference, the classic RAW 1 ¼ cones must be installed inside the filler tube. Our advice is to experiment and use your best judgment when determining whether to place your cone inside or outside the filler tube. 

The ECF Grinder by Pulsar is for More Than Just Filling Joints

You can use this electronic grinder as a replacement for your old-school manual hand grinder. During extensive testing, our team determined that not only is the Pulsar ECF great for filling cones – it works quite well as an all-around grinder too! As long as you make sure to remove the sticks and stems before grinding, it’s easy to get a perfect grind every time.

While the cone filler tube was designed with filling cones in mind, the exit spout diameter is very similar in size to most standard bowls on pipes and bongs, as well as most heating chambers on dry herb vapes, such as the XLux Roffu. The only downside compared to a manual grinder is that there is not a kief catcher, but the closed system design eliminates 95% of waste. 

Pulsar ECF Grinder Specs

You won’t be disappointed with the battery life on the Pulsar grinder. It has a 350mAh battery which lasts through a whole bunch of grinds. Most people only need to recharge it once or twice per week.

Changing is quick and easy using the included Micro USB Cable. You can use any Micro USB cable, such as those included with Android phones and tablets.

The flower capacity of the grinder itself is about one gram, but the included storage container can hold up to roughly an eighth.  The inside diameter of the Pulsar cone filling tube is 9.75mm, and the outside diameter is 13.9mm. 

Pulsar Electric Grinder Summary

After much use and careful review, we can officially give the Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler and Grinder the official VPM stamp of approval. This device has shown to be reliable and works exactly as the manufacturer promised. It’s super easy to operate and comes with many great accessories. Once you buy the Pulsar ECF and start using it, you will have a hard time returning to the old-style grinder. The Pulsar grinder is a must-have if you regularly smoke joints or use a dry herb vape. 

Product: Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler Kit

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