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Postless Disposable All-In-One Vape Pens

What’s a postless disposable? You guessed it! A postless disposable vape pen (also known as an all-in-one) is a single use and ready-to-use device.

What makes postless disposables unique is that there’s no metal central post obstructing the view of your precious oil.


Full features of Postless Disposables

– “bucket” style tank (all oil travels down to the heating element at the absolute base)

– wickless (there’s no cotton or fibers around the atomizer that can burn)

– no metals in contact with the oil (no chance of heavy metals test failure)

– “postless” – no central post, clear view window

– large window to show off your oil

– we can adjust voltage and resistance to perform best with your oil

– giant filling hole, super easy to fill

– possibly the best part… affordable pricing


The best disposable vape

In our opinion, postless disposable vape pens are the best disposable all-in-one options on the market. Combining wickless, postless, and buckets style features into one unit makes “postless” the frontrunner in the disposable market.