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Yocan iShred Mouthpiece Replacement

Authentic Yocan mouthpiece for Yocan iShred vaporizer. Guaranteed fit.

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Yocan iShred Mouthpiece Replacement

The Yocan iShred mouthpiece snaps onto the top of the Yocan Ishred heating chamber. This the mouthpiece is completely removable it can be somewhat easy to lose.  If you have lost yours then order one from Vape Parts Mart.  We sell authentic Yocan parts at really affordable rates. 

Replacement Yocan iShred mouthpiece options are very simple.  There is only one style mouthpiece that goes with this vaporizer.  It is a cylindrical mouthpiece with a small rod and hole.

To install the mouthpieces line it up with the vaporizer pen body and push it straight down.  There’s no need to push overly hard.  If it doesn’t fit right into place it is probably just lined up wrong. Readjust it and then try again. The more that you use the Yocan iShred mouthpiece the easier it will become to slide in and out.

Removal of the Yocan iShred mouthpiece is just as easy as the installation.  You need to first grab hold of the mouthpiece.  Try to make a nice firm grip on it but not too tight.  There is no need to use a pair of pliers or wrench of any sorts. Once you have a good grip slowly pull directly upward on the mouthpiece. It shouldn’t take much force so start off gently.

One extra little precaution. I would recommend taking special care to note where the little rod in the Yocan iShred mouthpiece is.  You really don’t want to bend or break it so please, please be aware of its presence. If you do accidentally bend or even break it off, the best thing to do is just order a new one.

We have some customers that like to buy in bulk.  If you too want to save money buy purchasing a 10 or more Yocan iShred mouthpieces please contact us. We have all sorts of wholesale discounts we are able to offer.

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2 reviews for Yocan iShred Mouthpiece Replacement

  1. 5 out of 5

    verified buyer

    The mouthpiece that i received looked just like the original. I was worried that it might not be the same because your price was so much lower than my local smoke shop but it looks and fits exactly the same. They wanted $30... For a Mouthpiece!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    verified buyer

    I just received my Yocan iShread mouthpiece in the mail and it fit perfectly! Thank you for shipping it quickly. I will be a returning customer from now on.

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