Yocan Flick Wax Coil Atomizer
Yocan Flick wax coil selected next to the oil atomizer and the Yocan Flick vaporizer.
Yocan Flick atomizer coil being held by two fingers.
Yocan Flick wax atomizer coil laying on its side.
Yocan Flick coil inside of protective tube.
The Yocan flick coil sitting next to its housing on a white background.
Yocan Flick Wax Coil Atomizer


Yocan Flick Wax Coil Replacement

Yocan Flick wax coil replacement

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Yocan Flick Wax Coil

This part is the Yocan Flick wax coil replacement.  It is a genuine Yocan part, ordered direct from their factory and shipped to our distribution warehouse in Arizona.  Because we ship all of our vape parts from the US you will receive your replacement ASAP!  There is no waiting for long shipping times when you purchase from Vape Parts Mart.

This coil is a fully enclosed chamber.  It is an all-in-one unit that is designed to fit directly into the Yocan Flick vaporizer.  The heating element in the Yocan Flick wax coil is wrapped around a glass (quartz) rod.  Most people I have spoken to seem to think that the vapor tastes more “pure” when they use a glass rod coil as opposed to a silica wick coil.

Yocan Flick wax coil is also the mouthpiece

The Yocan Flick wax coil also functions as the mouthpiece when you are using the vaporizer.  The very top part of the coil sticks up out of the vape and provides you a  point to inhale from.  You must make sure that the coil is completely assembled before using it to vape.

Yocan chose to use a magnetic connection to keep the wax coil nested securely in the Flick.  This is a pretty popular feature with users because it makes it so simple to remove and reinstall the cartridge.

When you receive your Yocan Flick wax coil replacement from Vape Parts Mart it will arrive in a package that has been packed carefully by hand. After unwrapping the packaging you will find the actually coil in a small clear protective plastic tube.

Vape Parts Mart is the premier supplier of vaporizer parts and accessories in the United States.  We provide fast shipping and 100% USA based support. We are an American company.

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    verified buyer

    the yocan flick is a great device and the replacement coils last a good length of time while maintaining performance and taste.

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