Yocan Explore Concentrate Coil
Yocan Explore Concentrate Coil


Yocan Explore Concentrate Coil and Mouthpiece

The Yocan Explore is a 2 in 1 dry herb and wax portable vaporizer. Our wax coils and mouthpieces are as pictured and Authentic Yocan. Purchasing a quantity of “1” will get you 1 wax concentrate coil and mouthpiece.

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Yocan Explore Concentrate Coil and Mouthpiece Replacement

This product listing includes the authentic Yocan Explore concentrate coil and mouthpiece just as pictured.  This is a combo product – a real two-in-one. It functions both as the wax coil and as the vape pen mouthpiece.

The Yocan Explore concentrate coil uses a ceramic disk heating element.  This type of heating chamber has become very popular lately.  A lot of people really prefer a ceramic wax coil and I personally don’t think that trend is going to change anytime soon.

Many people say that a ceramic coil will make your wax concentrate taste more natural.  It won’t release any harmful chemicals or flavors.  It is one of the best ways to enjoy vaping today.

Installing the Yocan Explore Concentrate Coil and Mouthpiece.

The wax coil slides into the mouthpiece portion of the Yocan explore concentrate coil and mouthpiece.  The part is pretty easy to install and remove but just make sure to be careful.  It is always wise when installing a new part to use extra caution.  It would be awful to get a new part in and break it before you even get to use it.

To attach the mouthpiece to the Yocan Explore vaporizer you just have to insert it into the reciprocal. It should slide easily into place.  You will be able to feel it once it is firmly rooted.  To remove the Yocan Explore concentrate coil and mouthpiece pull up on the exposed part of the mouthpiece.  It will easy come up without using much pressure.  If the part still doesn’t want to come out you can try to gently twist it.  Some resin may have made the parts sticky.

You can trust Vape Parts Mart for all of your vaporizer and vape parts needs. We ship fast out of our Arizona based warehouse.  No more waiting for weeks on end.  We get you the vape parts that you need – when you need them!

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