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Wax Atomizer for Micro G Pen Wax Coil & all Micro Pens


Wax Atomizer for Micro G Pen Wax Coil & all Micro Pens

  • Wax Coil Atomizer WITHOUT Mesh Metal Filter
  • Quality Guaranteed

Compatible with:

  • Micro G Pen Wax Coil
  • Atmos Thermo
  • Cloud
  • Perfection Pen Eclips
  • And other like model micro style batteries like this one….

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Atomizer for Original Micro G Pen Coil Replacement

If your original Micro G Pen Coil broke and needs a quality replacement, Vape Parts Mart has you covered! This wax atomizer is figuratively and literally the centerpiece of Micro style Vape Pens. The Micro G Pen Wax Coil, Atmos Thermo, Eclips, and Cloud are just a few brands that this piece is compatible with. The attraction of these pens is their unmatched concealability and ease of use. When fully assembled with the battery, coil/atomizer, and mouthpiece attached, the entire pen is no longer than the palm of your hand and at its widest point thinner than the width of two fingers. Yes, it’s small and has only three parts to worry about!

Here’s some info and instructions on this atomizer:

The Mirco G Pen Wax Coil as well as any wax atomizer are delicate and need to be treated with care. This model has a mesh metal mesh screen which helps protect the atomizer. If you remove the screen be cautious of your tool coming in contact with the coil when loading your wax dab- the silica and metal coil around it is designed to heat wax and bho rapidly, not take abuse from objects coming in contact with it.  A couple other things we’d recommend on care and maintenance involve loading method and heating time. Although we feel you’re safe to load as much or as little material as you like, the one tip we have here is to never run the atomizer dry. Sure, it’s cool to look at your new coil glowing red hot and showing off to your friends, but this is recipe for overheating and burnout! Stick to only running wax vapes when material is loaded. This will keep it cooler. On that topic of overheating, let’s talk about draw times, breaks between hits, and auto shutoffs. We’d recommend keeping draw lengths to under 7 seconds and allowing 20-30 seconds between draws. That should be more than enough time to vape your material, while also keeping things from over heating. A nice feature of most of these batteries is the automatic shutoff. At the 10 second mark, the battery shuts off to reduce risk of over heating.

The truth about these Atomizers  while they are awesome they tend to break. It doesn’t matter who or what brand you buy from, it’s just a fact. However, at Vape Parts Mart we promise to deliver the best quality and prices on the market. If you find a better option or deal from someone else, tell us and we’ll cush them until you are our customer.


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4 reviews for Wax Atomizer for Micro G Pen Wax Coil & all Micro Pens

  1. 4 out of 5

    verified buyer

    I was super upset when I was out of commision due to breaking this part... I learned that these parts you must be careful with....however, Nathan was super helpful with answering my questions, and assured shipment the next day!

  2. 5 out of 5

    verified buyer

    I like this style without a screen much better than your version with the screen. The screen makes it for a much slower wax drip which is nice if you want it to last longer but I like more of a punch to the face that this coil gives!

  3. 5 out of 5

    verified buyer

    Works great on my micro g pen

  4. 5 out of 5

    verified buyer

    Nice wax coil for my micro g pen. This version is screenless, so II put my dab directly onto the coil.

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