Vaping Laws in California

, Vaping Laws in California

The California vape laws are identical to the state’s regulations for cigarettes. In fact, vaporizers are covered under California’s smoke-free laws, which bans their use in workplaces and many public spaces.

For the purpose of these guidelines, state law defines vaporizers as “any electronic device that delivers nicotine or other vaporized liquids to the person inhaling from the device.” These products fall under the legal umbrella of tobacco products.

Where Can I Vape in California? 

In general, if smoking is allowed in a public space, vaping is also allowed. Public spaces in which vaping is specifically prohibited by state law include but are not limited to restaurants and bars, hotel lobbies, bars, warehouses, foster and group homes, with 250 feet of youth sporting events, anywhere on school property and even in home offices if clients visit the location.

However, municipalities can also establish their own laws about the use and sale of vaporizers. For example, San Francisco has banned the sale of flavored vaporizer liquids in packages that resemble candy or fruit juice. Many states prohibit vaping in public parks or on park benches

What Is the State’s Legal Vaping Age?

Vaporizers may not be sold to anyone younger than age 21, which is the legal age to vape in California. Older residents and visitors are free to purchase CCell vapes as well as other models. An exception exists for active-duty military personnel, who can purchase vaporizers as long as they are over 18.

Do Other Restrictions Exist? 

California vaping laws require vaporizers, refill cartridges, liquids and related products to be sold in child-resistant packaging. These products can also not be sold in self-service displays. Vending machines with vaporizers and related products must be inside a bar at least 15 feet from the entrance.

If you are older than age 21, you can purchase ALD & IKrusher vapes as well as other models and accessories from an authorized retailer. Age verification is required for these mail-order purchases.

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