Be courteous. Use PHILTER.

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Secondhand vape or smoke has always been a topic of concern for smokers and non-smokers alike. Vape health concerns have been serious, and some areas have put limits on where you can smoke. Fortunately, Philter Labs brings us a solution to this dilemma with their line of vape and smoke filter products. Their mission is to protect personal rights, contribute to cleaner air, and create a polite society, all without sacrificing your lifestyle.


Philter products work best with vaporizers, but can also be used with anything you can exhale.  You can filter your vapor from cannabis, CBD, and nicotine. Gone are the days of the toilet paper roll with the dryer sheets. These filters are much more effective with patented technology; they will last longer, and are good for up to 150 exhales. 


The secret with Philter Labs products lies in the patented micro-filtration process. It filters emissions, treats your smoke or vapor, and it dissolves VOCs, particulates, and other pollutants. This complex process brings in cleaner air, less stigma, and zero guilt. 


Philter Labs’ filters are portable, meaning you can bring it with you anywhere you bring avaporizer. At VPM, we currently offer the Pocket and the Phlip products, and exceptional customer support. Please contact VPM Support if you have a question about any of them or what we have available.


Note: this device is intended for use by adults 21+ in areas where smoking is permitted.