Mr Bald 3 Atomizer
Mr Bald 3 Atomizer


Mr Bald 3 Wax & Herb Attachment

The Mr. Bald 3 is a 510 thread wax and dry herb attachment. It features some of the industry’s first ever glass coils. The coils are embedded below a glass cup, so your material is not in direct contact with the coils.

Choose between a single or dual coil installed.

We also carry Mr. Bald 3 Replacement Coils


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Mr Bald 3 Atomizer Attachment with Ceramic Bowl Coil

The Mr Bald 3 Atomizer (Mr. Bald III) is a new dry herb and wax attachment from the manufacturer Longmada.

It features unique glass coil in an Atomizer with a single coil installed. So the thing with this vaporizer is that it uses a ceramic bowl rather than a traditional metal wire coil.  This ceramic bowl is positioned directly above the single coil heating element.  It is sealed in so it transfers the heat really.  That heat warms up the bowl to a temperature that will allow you to vape.

Basically you put your dry herb or wax concentrate in the bowl. Then you turn on the vaporizer and heat up your substance.

Mr Bald 3 Atomizer

It is considered an atomizer because the mouthpiece forms a glass shelter around the glass bowl coil.  It is sold as an all-in-one piece. Because it is breakable you should be careful while handling the Mr Bald 3 atomizer attachment.

We also sell lots of other parts for the Mr Bald 3 including the replacement coils for the Mr Bald 3.  These are some great coils that are also useable with all vapes that take a 510 thread coil.  This can be super handy if you own multiple portable vaporizers.

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