Mr. Bald 2 Ceramic Dry Herb Atomizer

The Mr Bald 2 is a dry herb atomizer compatible with 510 thread batteries. It features a fast heat up time and uses a wickless ceramic plate designed for the ability to produce pure vapor without combustion.

We also carry Mr. Bald 2 Replacement Coils


  • Fast heat up time in 4 seconds
  • Temps up to 428 degrees F
  • Lower watts/volts produce pure vapor
  • Higher watts/volts will combust
  • 510 thread
  • Ceramic plate chamber, no exposed coils





Mr. Bald 2 Ceramic Dry Herb Atomizer 510 Thread Attachment

The Mr. Bald II is a subohm atomizer compatible with 510 thread batteries. It has a 510 thread base which attaches to a dry herb all ceramic chamber. The heating chamber is encased in a glass tank with a removable stainless steel mouthpiece attaching to the top.

The Mr. Bald 2 heats to the desired temp in only 4 seconds to temperatures up to 430 degrees F. The Mr Bald 2 is capable of no combustion of dried herbs when used with lower voltage/watt batteries.

What makes Mr. Bald Unique

Many heating coils, including dry herb coils use exposed wicks and wire coils. Mr Bald instead uses a ceramic plate. The Mr Bald subohm subherb heating chamber also uses all ceramic walls. A ceramic plate is frequently considered a better option over exposed coils for improved flavor since excessive heat is not in direct contact with the herb, which provides a true vaporizing experience.

Additionally, a ceramic plate is beneficial when it’s time to clean and maintain your device. With exposed coil dry herb tanks, dry herb often gets caught in the coils which makes cleaning difficult. With a ceramic plate heating chamber with no exposed coils, removing used dry herb and cleaning your chamber is now simple!

Mr Bald Tank Contents:

  • Mr. Bald Tank .5 ohm banking coil
  • Silicone Ring
  • Silicone test tip
  • 2x cotton wicks


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1 review for Mr. Bald 2 Ceramic Dry Herb Atomizer

  1. 4 out of 5

    verified buyer

    I'm quite impressed with this ceramic based vape head. The vapor comes out smooth. And you can really taste your herb of choice. The added mesh makes a difference. As you don't end up inhaling the contents of the tank.

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