Mr. Bald 2 Replacement Coil
Mr. Bald 2 Replacement Coil


Mr. Bald 2 Replacement Coil and Base

Authentic Mr. Bald 2 Coil with 510 thread base, directly from Longmada.

For Mr. Bald 2 Attachment

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Mr. Bald 2 Replacement Coil

The Mr. Bald 2 replacement coil is a ceramic disk heating element style coil. It is designed primarily for use with dry herb.  You might be able to get away with using it for waxy concentrate as well, but I wouldn’t recommend it. We have lots of wax coils for sale if that is your preferred substance.

The Mr. Bald 2 replacement coil that we sell includes the base portion of the coil. You connect the base portion to the vaporizer and cover it with the mouthpiece.

You may need to adjust the temperature of your vape when you replace your old coil with the Mr. Bald 2 replacement coil you just received in the mail. I would personally recommend starting out with the lowest temp setting and working your way up. You can always increase the temperature but once you burn your concentrate, thats it!

When you swap out the coils in your Mr. Bald 2 be careful to not break the glass that surrounds the coil and base. If you do happen to accidentally crack your glass we can ship you a new one quick.  We sell pretty much all of the parts out there for the Mr. Bald line.

You should also exercise caution when you put the mouthpiece back over the new coil base.  It is easy to apply too much pressure and break the part.  Easy does it!

If you don’t want to mess with replacing the coil and risk breaking the glass you do have the option to purchase a full Longmada Mr. Bald 2 assembly.

We at Vape Parts Mart just wanted to take a quick second and say Thank You!  It is you our customers that make our business successful.  We appreciate you choosing to buy your new vape parts on our website.

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