Jupiter Klik Dispenser

Klik Oil Dispenser by Jupiter Research

  • Reservoir is fillable with blunt tip needle
  • Turn-to-dispense “click” Mechanism
  • Precise 50mg droplets
  • Ideal for liquid oils
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Single Use



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Jupiter Research Klik (Click) Oil Dispenser

Filling Instructions:

1. Insert a blunt tipped needle into the open end of the click dispenser.

2. While the dispenser is oriented vertically with the dial downward, fill the dispenser through the needle. Do not fill above top of the main reservoir. See Figure 1.

3. Insert the dispensing tip into the open end of the click dispenser and press until fully seated. Mechanical assistance is required to fully seat the dispensing tip. A light-duty arbor press is recommended. Do not use a hammer of mallet.

4. If the dispenser is filled with less than 1.5 ml, turning the dial until the top of the liquid is at the fill line shown in Figure 1 is recommended.

5. Install the cap.




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