Flowermate Swift Pro Glass Mouthpiece
Internal view of the flower mate swift pro glass mouthpiece
Glass Mouthpiece for Swift Pro Flowermate Vaporizer
Swift Pro glass mouthpieces laying on its side.
Flowermate Swift Pro Glass Mouthpiece


Flowermate Swift Pro Glass Mouthpiece

Authentic Flowermate Swift Pro Glass Mouthpiece

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Flowermate Swift Pro Glass Mouthpiece Replacement

If you have broken the Flowermate Swift Pro glass mouthpiece then you need to check this out!  At Vape Parts Mart we sell replacement mouthpieces as well as every other Swift Pro part.

The glass mouthpiece for Flowermate Swift pro is a really nice mouthpiece. I personally enjoy a glass mouthpiece because I can see the vapor as I am using the vape.  The glass also helps keep the vapor untainted.  When you vape using glass there is no residual flavor for the vapor to soak up.  A glass mouthpiece is the best way to enjoy true vaping flavor.

The one downside to a glass mouthpiece is that it is breakable.  One drop onto tile or concrete and you will find yourself having to replace the Flowermate Swift Pro glass mouthpiece. Luckily, at Vape Parts Mart, we sell them cheap!

Flowermate Swift Pro Glass Mouthpiece Replacement

When you receive your replacement in the mail, you will find it really easy to install.  If you haven’t already done it you need to first uninstall the old broken mouthpiece.  This is easily achieved by pushing down and twisting to screw on.  You don’t need to use a lot of pressure here, just enough to get it to snap in. If it doesn’t go in easily then you are probably twisting it the wrong way.  Feel free to contact Vape Parts Mart support if you have any questions.

The Flowermate Swift Pro glass mouthpiece can be ordered in larger quants if you want to stock up.  We have some customers who know that they are going to break the mouthpiece again but don’t want to be stuck unable to use their vape.  They typically order 5 or more mouthpieces at a time.

To check out the full selection of flowermate vapes that we sell please visit our Flowermate Vapes sales page.

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