Elm&Owl is a manufacturer of quality oil vaporizer equipment including oil cartridges and batteries.

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Elm&Owl Vapes

Elm&Owl specializes in dry herb vaporizers. For a better vape experience, get your replacement parts at Vape Parts Mart. Vape Parts Mart is the only company specializing in replacement vape parts. Save money and avoid kits that have extra parts you don’t need by buying specific parts through VPM. Ask our customer service experts any questions about items and get informative, relevant answers. We want our customers to be completely informed as they buy from us. Items come in discreet packaging, and shipping takes only 2-4 days to deliver for US orders. VPM guarantees functional items that are compatible with your vape and customer satisfaction.

Easy and Convenient Dry Herb Vaping

The Wing vaporizer is the top Elm&Owl product for vaping on the go. It has unique, convenient features that include an herbal vape attachment that is attached and detached using strong magnets, making it easy to refill. The vapor is heated at the bottom of the vape, and the long path it takes before reaching the mouthpiece produces cool vapor that is comfortable to inhale. The vape shuts off automatically after five minutes without use for a safer product. It allows users to control the temperature of heating by degree, giving you a completely customizable experience.

Replace Elm&Owl Parts and Give Your Vape a Longer Life

These replacement parts can refresh your vape’s capabilities and let you hold onto one for a little longer. These vaporizer parts will fit your specific vape and work just as well as the original factory model. Find a replacement twist battery to get your oil-based vape running again. The Mini Pro Battery comes in five colors, including two bold choices, rainbow metal and rose gold. It holds all cartridge sizes, which screw in instead of needing magnetic adapters. VPM also carries replacement oil cartridges at a low price. Elm&Owl cartridges come in two sizes, 0.5 ml and 1 ml, with a ceramic core that ensures a smooth vapor is produced.

Elm&Owl manufactures one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market today. Their signature product, the Wing, has a built in storage container and tool so that you can vape on the go.