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Buy Vaporizers and Vape Parts in Canada

Vape Parts Mart proudly serves Canadians


We have been offering shipping to Canada since 2015, and have served thousands of happy Canadian customers. We have customers from all corners of Canada from B.C. to Newfoundland and everything in between.


Proudly Providing Vapes and Parts to Canada


The emerging cannabis market in Canada has offered Vape Parts Mart an opportunity to serve Canada’s 36 Million residents with quality vaporizers and parts. We look forward to fulfilling the vaporizer needs of Canadians for years to come.


How much does it cost to ship to Canada?


Shipping to our neighbors up North costs a flat rate of only $8.99 USD. International shipping costs increase multiple times per year, so this is subject to change. We are committed to providing you with the most affordable exact rate shipping to Canada.


Shipping times to Canada typically take 10-14 days. 


Vape Parts Mart will process and ship your vaporizers and parts in within 24 hours or less. Your package will typically reach Canada within 4 business days. Total delivery time is largely dependent on how long it takes Canadian customs to process and release your package. This can take as little as a day, and rarely takes more than 4 days. Once your package has cleared Canadian customs, it typically takes only 2-4 days to reach you. While we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time, in our experience you can expect 7-12 days total delivery time.

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