Black Mamba Mouthpiece
Black Mamba Mouthpiece


Black Mamba Mouthpiece Replacement

Black Mamba Mouthpiece

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This is the direct replacement for the Black Mamba Mouthpiece.  The Black Mamba is a great portable dry herb vaporizer. Have you lost or broken your mouthpiece? Yes, this is the part for you.

It is a plastic molded mouthpiece.  This is a good feature because plastic mouthpieces are must stronger than glass. Therefore, it is much less likely that you will break the Black Mamba mouthpiece.  Another cool feature of this mouthpiece is particular is that it has a glass tube inner lining. The glass lining in the airflow route prevents residual flavors from being picked up. The one downside to using the glass tube is that it is much easier to break.

In Summary

The outside of the mouthpiece is plastic and durable but the inside of the mouthpiece is glass and fragile.

If you ever do break the glass tube lining do not attempt to use the mouthpiece.  There could be small shards of glass that you could inhale.  When you break the glass you must replace the entire mouthpiece for you own safety!

If your Black Mamba vaporizer has stopped working entirely you should consider buying a replacement.  We have a great selection of quality portable dry herb vaporizers for sale at Vape Parts Mart.

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