Vaporizer Pen Glass screens and filters are without a doubt the best way to transform your vaporizer from a device designed to combust your material into a true vaporizer with far less combustion. Real glass screens will provide a barrier between the hot coils and your herbs for the heat to transfer without burning so much of your herbs. After all, that’s what we’re after in a vaporizer; real vapor!

Our screens are made of real glass. No plastic or other crazy materials we’ve seen that will melt or provide a nasty flavor to your vapor. Just 100% glass like a honeycomb glass vaporizer screen. That’s right, 100% real glass!

For best practices and tips and tricks, we have developed a nice guide on the filter for the Atmos Raw Glass Screen page. This guide is on the 7mm glass vaporizer screen version but is applicable to any size such as the 9mm screen for any snoop dogg g pen glass vaporizer screen. For further reading click on a product or open the tab below.

Further Info On Vaporizer Screens and Filters

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